No Bieber? No problem! How Oneohtrix Point Never made a pop album without the pop stars

The plan was simple enough. For his 14th record, Oneohtrix Point Never, mercurial producer behind countless works of bizarro electronica, would train his magpie gaze on to the world of pop. He had meant the album Garden Of Delete to be his definitive, arch commentary on mainstream music, its songs based on cheap scraps bought from industry songwriters. He was aiming high, to build his music around saccharine snippets dropped from Taylor Swift records, or the Bieber hooks that had remained unsung, and then filter it through echoing synthesizers and discombobulating rhythms. “I’d see if they’d give me their cold-cut ends, their dollar-fifty-a-pound bullshit,” he crackles over Skype from New York. The plan was simple but the plan didn’t work.

Read the interview on The Guardian

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