Hieroglyphic Being & J.I.T.U Ahn-Sahm-Buhl

 We Were Not the First is so convincing, so sure of itself that it hardly feels like an experiment at all.

 We Are Not the First is for the buffet lover in all of us. Here’s an album from an already forward-thinking artist, meagerly categorized as “experimental”, that covers more ground in one awe-filled swoop than most self-proclaimed “eclectic” noisemakers can manage in one decade. If you feel like saving the apocalyptic spoken-word table for later as you help yourself to some polyphonic techno-pointillism, you are free to do so. If you don’t mind a wailing saxophone holding court on the same album as a female voice whooping up to the ceiling like it was Arnold Schoenberg’s funeral, you are once again in luck. If your love of musique concrète is matched only by avant-garde jazz or abstract electronic music—you get the idea. Unlike actual buffets where quantity and variety run in direct contrast to quality, Hieroglyphic Being & J.I.T.U Ahn-Sahm-Buhl’s We Are Not the First is strong in all aspects.

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