2nd edition
Friday May 19, 9 AM - 3 AM

Celebrating independent radio culture with a live marathon programme curated by some of the leading online radio stations.

Listen to their broadcasts in the morning, visit the Muziekgebouw in the afternoon for talks about the future of web radio and witness progressive live performances and dj’s during the night.

Celebrating independent radio culture with a live marathon programme curated by some of the leading online radio stations.Listen to their broadcasts in the morning, visit the Muziekgebouw in the afternoon for talks about the future of web radio and witness progressive live performances and dj’s during the night.





9:00 – 15:00
Every hour a radioshow by a different station, tune in at 

Ieder uur een radioshow van een ander station, te beluisteren via

Read more about the live radioshows >

15:00 – 18:00 
Talks about the future of online radio, moderated by Derek Walmsley (editor The Wire magazine) and Femke Dekker (curator and radiohost at Red Light Radio). With a.o. a discussion on music radio as a socio-political voice and an interview with online radio pioneer I-F (Intergalactic FM).

Talks over de toekomst van online radio, gemodereerd door Derek Walmsley (redacteur van het Engelse muziekblad The Wire) en Femke Dekker (curator en radiohost bij Red Light Radio). Met o.a. een gesprek over hoe muziekradio ook een sociaal-politieke stem kan zijn en een interview met online radiopionier I-F (Intergalactic FM). 

 Read more about the radio talks >


18:00 – 20:00
A special broadcast by Boiler Room (London) en Red Light Radio (Amsterdam), join them live at the Foyerdeck (programme t.b.a.).

Een speciale festivaluitzending door Boiler Room (London) en Red Light Radio (Amsterdam) om live bij te wonen.

18:00 - 22:00

Good Music Vinyl Market & Radio Merchandise

Support your favorite online radio stations and local record stores! At the radio merchandise stand & the Good Music Vinyl Market you’ll find a carefully curated selection of music releases, the perfect bag to carry those records home, t-shirts to represent independent radio, and other collector’s items. Sellers are: Zwart Goud, Hot Mama Hot Records, Spacejunkie, Zapp Records, Nearly Not There Records.

Markt voor nieuw en vintage vinyl en radio merchandise

Een platenmarket die een ode brengt aan een van de mooiste dingen aller tijden: vinyl. Bevriende platenwinkels/labels met een oor en oog voor kwaliteitsmuziek verkopen er hun favoriete platen. Na enkele zeer succesvolle edities in Werkplaats van het Volkshotel en het World Minimal Music Festival, nu ook tijdens het Online Radio Festival.

Read more about the Good Music Vinyl Market >

20:00 – 3:00
Live performances and dj sets, selected by the radio stations. The newest music from different parts of the world, but also rediscoveries from the past.

Live optredens en dj-sets van artiesten, geselecteerd door de radiostations. De nieuwste muziek uit verschillende steden, maar ook bijzondere herontdekkingen uit het verleden.

With / met





With a worldwide following, The Hague-based Ferenc E. van der Sluijs is part of the online radio avant-garde: after a few brief pirate dalliances in the early ‘90s, he started the legendary CBS, which paved the way for the multi-channel cult station Intergalactic FM. He has also left his mark on the local acid-techno scene and pioneered electroclash. By his own admission, a disco fetishist, I-F is credited with defining the Italo canon but also for giving a platform to a multitude of obscure electronic genres. You’ve rarely seen such dedication.



Orpheu The Wizard
A selector of rare dexterity, Orpheu de Jong is one of the driving forces behind the eclectic programming of Red Light Radio. His unconventional, exotica-tinged sets are never rooted in one genre, indulging in world music and switching mid-tempo between disco, funky synths, ambient and wave, for a calculated element of surprise and delight.



Bear Bones, Lay Low
Hailed as the prince of modern psychedelic electronics, Belgium-based Venezuelan artist Ernesto Gonzalez is an outside operator. A prolific recording artist of the progressive variety, he has amassed more than 20 releases in his catalogue over the past 10 years, honing in on krautrock and motorik rhythms, power drone, acid folk melody, and heavyweight synths. He gels it all together in mind-melting, visceral ambient experiences. Selected by Stroom.



Treading in the narrow path paved by Hype Williams and Micachu, but quoting Pavarotti, Brandy, and Andrew Lloyd Webber amongst her influences, rising South-London producer is an NTS favourite. Klein makes dramatic collages of gospel-tinged vocals, sparse piano melodies, jagged beats and violent samples. Her main stunt? Tremulous R&B vocals that shift moods with a key change, injecting theatricality in electronics.



Sega Bodega
An avid collector and selector of film scores, the Glaswegian producer is a master manipulator. Each instalment of his Soundtrack Series on NTS is a highly emotional, highly restorative experience. He builds suspense and strings together melodramatic motifs, introduces intrigue then cues a grand title sequence brutally interrupted by a horror screech!... Unsurprisingly, this impeccable sense of melodic timing comes through in his own productions. Ess B, his latest EP out on Crazylegs, is a bold blend of techno, ambient and first-wave dubstep punctuated by regressive melancholy; it feels massive.




Violet b2b Photonz
Lacking a platform for the new wave of Portuguese talent, Inês Coutinho and Marco Rodrigues, aka Violet and Photonz, decided to build their own and founded Rádio Quântica. Self-defined as “a manifestation of a non-local grassroots movement”, Rádio Quântica is open to underground artists, DJs and labels deserving exposure, but also to activists and agitators in search of a safe, communal space. Violet and Photonz will play an experimental back to back set showcasing this vital new scene, including some of their own productions.



From the incubator of Rádio Quântica where they’re both hosting shows, MMNO and POLIDO formalized their unofficial collaboration/ subterranean connection with a release on the Lisbon-based label Fungo. Decadent Resistance is an intersection of methods, MMNO’s layered sonorities and low-slung electronics meet POLIDO’s astute sampling and found recordings in a unique collection of textured sounds.



NaEE RoBErts
Sandra Mujinga is an interdisciplinary artist working with video art, performance art and sound pieces. Her musical persona is constantly mutating and thus knows different names: manifested some times as the hypnagogic NaEE RoBErts, other times as the beat-heavy 9Djinn, or in collaboration with fellow artists Linda Spjut. Her radio experiments on BCR are thoughtful explorations at the edge of her musical projects, introspective soundscapes of stripped down R&B, afrobeats edits, and sulky ambient.




Live stream
The whole festival will be streamed live via and the participating radio stations. But believe us, it’s more fun to meet the radio makers, witness the performances and dance to the music of the dj’s at the Muziekgebouw.

  • Live radio shows between 09.00 am and 20.00 pm

    Live radio shows between 09.00 am and 20.00 pm

    Every hour a radioshow by a different station, tune in at …

    > Meer info
  • Meet the women who are killing it at online radio

    Meet the women who are killing it at online radio

    Six females shaping the online radio revolution—from NTS to Red Light—talk…

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  • Interview met Radna Rumping

    Interview met Radna Rumping

    Radna Rumping - initiator en mede-programmeur van het Online Radio Festival…

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  • How NTS is helping to redefine live radio

    How NTS is helping to redefine live radio

    Somewhere between BBC 6 Music’s diversity and pirate radio’s DIY spirit..

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  • Hallo, hallo, wie stinkt daar zo?

    Hallo, hallo, wie stinkt daar zo?

    De Kracht en de Hoop van Vrije Radio

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  • Boiler Room: TOTP For The Ustream Generation

    Boiler Room: TOTP For The Ustream Generation

    Angus Finlayson explores the meteoric rise of the Boiler Room and its place in the…

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  • The Berlin Community experience

    The Berlin Community experience

    "We've definitely been inspired by NTS and Red Light Radio, as well as East Village…

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  • Orpheu the Wizard en het Red Light rijk

    Orpheu the Wizard en het Red Light rijk

    "Dit zijn nou eenmaal de Wallen en ik vind het leuk om daar tussen te zitten."

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  • Aanklooien met Boiler Room

    Aanklooien met Boiler Room

     Over het ontstaan en de werkwijze van het fenomeen Boiler Room

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  • Dublab as cornerstone of the L.A. scene

    Dublab as cornerstone of the L.A. scene

    "We've always tried to be really open about giving people what records they're…

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  • The rise and rise of NTS Radio

    The rise and rise of NTS Radio

    "As the London-based internet station celebrates one year on air, we speak to its…

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  • Stroom TV on sex and love

    Stroom TV on sex and love

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Berlin Community Radio (DE)
Berlin Community Radio presents everything that is coming from, passing through or influencing the creative scene in Berlin. BCR is founded in the summer of 2013 by Anastazja Moser and Sarah Miles. The station not only broadcasts the music that is flowing through the city, but also provides a platform for topics such as contemporary art, feminism discussions and internet phenomenons.


Boiler Room (UK)
Boiler Room started in 2010 with a group of music lovers in London who video streamed underground music sessions and hosted intimate parties with their favourite DJ’s. Due to popular demand and exciting line-ups and locations, Boiler Room grew into the world leading music streaming community that it is today. With four channels and a continuous stream of broadcasts in over 100 cities – including world renowned concert halls and festivals – Boiler Room proofs there can be a mass audience for underground music.

 Berlin Radio Community /  Boiler Room  / dublab


dublab (US)
dublab is one of the longest running web radio stations, founded in 1999 by Mark ‘Frosty’ McNeill. From a studio in Los Angeles a close collective of dj’s and musicians shares future roots radio with a global audience. Artists like Ras G, Sun Araw and The Gaslamp Killer are just a few of the many ‘labrats’ that contribute to the station. dublab also releases records, produces films and curates art exhibitions.


NTS Radio (UK)
Founded by Femi Adeyemi in 2011, NTS rapidly expanded into one of the leading online music radio stations of today, bringing uncompromising live radio from the early morning until the late night, all week. A second channel, an extra studio in Los Angeles and collaborations with cultural institutions such as TATE and the Barbican have added to the strong profile of the station - but the main homebase stays the same: a small studio overlooking Gillet Square in Dalston, London.

Rádio Quântica

Pan African Space Station
Founded by the Chimurenga platform in collaboration with musician and composer Neo Muyanga in 2008, the Pan African Space Station (PASS) is a pop-up live radio studio, a performance and exhibition space, a research platform and living archive, as well as an ongoing internet based radio station. Working in transitory spaces and at the intersections between different fields, organising sound, music and words into new forms of knowledge, PASS is a machine for travelling at the speed of thought – it borrows its slogan “There are other worlds out there they never told you about” from the philosopher, composer and bandleader Sun Ra.

Rádio Quântica (PT)

Radio Quântica is a new platform that aims to be a safe, communal haven for underground Portuguese artists and activists to make their voice heard. It was started in 2015 by Photonz and Violet, together with a group of DJ’s, labels, collectors and equality activists. Now the underground music scene in Lisbon is blossoming with a new wave of talent, it felt like the right time for a radio station that broadcasts music that otherwise would be overlooked. With over 140 radio makers involved and a residency at Portugal’s biggest club Lux that kicks of in 2017, Quântica’s future is looking bright.

Red Light Radio
The iconic studio of Red Light Radio, situated at a former prostitute windown in the Amsterdam Red Light District, has become a meeting place for the Amsterdam music scene – both new talent as legendary dj’s broadcast from behind the window. Simultaneously, founders Hugo van Heijningen and Orpheu de Jong have taken the sound of Red Light Radio abroad, broadcasting and collaborating with festivals in Morocco, Russia, São Paolo and beyond, while the radio station stays a beloved place to visit for touring DJ’s and bands.

Red Light Radio / Stroom

Stroom is the girl that won't return your love but is totally worth it. Radio from Belgium with no frills, just focused on bringing you adventurous music and full screen visuals, all playful and mysterious. Apart from a daily mix of music non-stop and visual art, Stroom also hosts annual full moon parties, and recently started a series of highly acclaimed vinyl releases, including gems of unexplored Belgium music.


Muziekgebouw will turn into a big broadcasting studio when 8 of today’s leading radio stations bring along their favourite artists for a unique festival. From 09.00 till 03.00 you can experience live concerts, dj-sets, radio shows and international radio makers discuss the current status of online radio.

The Online Radio Festival celebrates the worldwide rise and musical diversity of internet radio stations. For the second time, the festival brings like-minded independent radio stations from various cities together, to create a collective broadcast - live from the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam.

The Online Radio Festival takes place on May 19, from Friday 9 PM till 3 AM

Berlin Community Radio (Berlin)
Boiler Room (London)
dublab (Los Angeles)
NTS (London)
Pan African Space Station (Capetown)
Rádio Quântica (Lisbon) 
Red Light Radio (Amsterdam)
Stroom (Gent)

You can buy a ticket which gives access to the entire marathon broadcast including the conference and live concerts and DJ-sets in Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ.

Where do I buy tickets?
• Online via this website
• Via the telephone desk (+31 20 788 20 00, opening hours: mon-sat 12:00-18:00)
• At the ticket desk (Piet Heinkade 1, 1019 BR Amsterdam, opening hours: mon-sat 12.00-18.00)

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Piet Heinkade 1
1019BR Amsterdam
The Netherlands



For all press inquiries, press kit or other questions regarding Online Radio Festival, please contact:

Silvester Pöll
- E-mail
- Tel + 31(0)20 7882048


Waar koop ik kaarten?
• Online via deze website
• Telefonisch bij de kassa (T 020 788 20 00, openingstijden: ma t/m za 12.00-18.00 uur)
• Aan de kassabalie (Piet Heinkade 1, 1019 BR Amsterdam, openingstijden: ma t/m za 12.00-18.00 uur)



Piet Heinkade 1, 1019 BR Amsterdam


Het Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ is optimaal bereikbaar en ligt vlakbij de binnenstad van Amsterdam.
Auto: Vanaf de oostelijke Ringweg A10, afslag S114 richting Centrum, via de Piet Heintunnel. Vanuit Haarlem, volg de S102.
Lopend: 15 minuten vanaf het Centraal Station
Tram: 26, halte Muziekgebouw (eerste halte vanaf het Centraal Station)

Routebeschrijving | plattegrond zie


• Piet Hein Garage. Pal onder het Muziekgebouw kunt u parkeren in Parkeergarage Piet Hein. Vanuit de parkeergarage is de Entreehal bereikbaar via lift of trap. Concertbezoekers van het Muziekgebouw kunnen gebruikmaken van een gunstige parkeerregeling: 4 uur voor € 10
• P&R Zeeburg. Voordelig parkeren vanaf € 1 per dag met gebruik van OV kaart.
• Parkeergarage Oosterdok. Langer dan 5 uur parkeren: € 10


• Rolstoelplaatsen: in de Grote Zaal. Ook de Kleine Zaal is toegankelijk voor mindervaliden. Geef bij het telefonisch reserveren a.u.b. aan of u gebruik wilt maken van een rolstoelplaats.
• Slechthorenden: wij beschikken over een infraroodinstallatie. Meld het a.u.b. bij uw telefonische reservering als u daar gebruik van wilt maken. De apparatuur kunt u afhalen bij de garderobe.
• Goed te weten: o.a. aanwezig aangepaste lift en aangepast toilet. Betaalde invalidenparkeerplaatsen direct onder het Muziekgebouw in parkeergarage 'Piet Hein Garage'. Komt u met de tram, neem dan de weg langs de Passenger terminal naar de hoofdingang van het Muziekgebouw op de begane grond.






For all press inquiries, a press kit or other questions regarding Online Radio Festival, please contact:

Silvester Pöll
• Tel + 31(0)20 7882048



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