Online Radio Festival (foto Martin Alberts)


May 1 & 2

Muziekgebouw will turn into a big broadcasting studio when 6 of today’’s leading radio stations bring along their favourite artists for a unique festival. For 30 hours non-stop you can experience live concerts, dj-sets and international radio makers discuss the current status of online radio.


Friday 19 hrs - 06 hrs
A daring line-up of live performances curated by the radio stations, and the finest selectors to make you dance until sunrise.
Live: Dean Blunt, Laurel Halo, Gigi Masin, Hiele
DJ-sets: Acid Arab, Orpheu the Wizard & Robert Bergman, Suzanne Kraft, Nosedrip, JM Moser and the sound of Red Light Radio.


Saturday 06 hrs - 14 hrs
Ambient sounds, breakfast radio, art explorations and other radio formats with Charlie Bones, Summer Recreation Camp, Claire Tolan, the sounds of Boiler Room, dublab and Stroom.


Saturday 14 hrs - 18 hrs
An in-dept afternoon with panel talks with the founders of the radio stations, a live performance of Mittland och Leo and the sound of Berlin Community Radio.


Saturday 18 hrs - 01 hr
A night full of live performances and dj-sets throughout the building in a festive finale.
Live: Craig Leon + Ragazze Quartet, Juju & Jordash, James Pants, Palmistry, Joanne Robertson.
DJ-sets: Awesome Tapes From Africa.




Dean Blunt / 23.00 (Presented by NTS)
Both in his collaboration with Inga Copeland as Hype Williams and on his solo albums, Blunt has showed an act for deadpan appropriation, making very serious music out of discarded elements of R&B, hip hop, and bass culture, often with a sarcastic edge. Black Metal, his latest release via Rough Trade, projects him into an unlikely crooner repurposing the sound of ‘80s jangly indie before plunging into something much darker. Although preceded by his fabricated reputation, one that focuses more on his elusive persona than on his singular music, Dean Blunt is worth the hype.



Gigi Masin / 21.00 (Presented by Red Light Radio)
Dubbed as the Italian godfather of ambient music, Gigi Masin has acquired a relative fame in recent years as audiences rediscovered, mainly through word-of-mouth, his self-released albums, Wind and Wind Collector, from late ‘80s. Little over a year ago, Amsterdam label and Red Light Radio relative, Music from Memory, issued Talk to the Sea, a compilation that delves into Masin’s rich body of ambient works, some never released or previously unavailable. Yet another stepping stone towards international recognition is Hoshi, a mind expanding affair produced by Masin in collaboration with electronic duo Tempelhof, and released mid-2014.



Laurel Halo / 00.00 (Berlin Community Radio)
Following her critically acclaimed debut in 2012, Midwest recording artist Laurel Halo has spared no effort in defining her potent blend of electronic music. She’s made great strides on Chance of Rain, dropping the vocals as to create a more impersonal headspace, one fit for non-entities. It’s a challenging listen that lends itself easily to overly elaborate interpretations. Its insistent basselines, unpredictable synth experiments, and heavy drums instill a sense of urgency with the listener. One that travels over into the unsettling, atonal sets she has been curating for her monthly show on Berlin Community Radio.



Acid Arab / 03.30 (Presented by Red Light Radio)
It only took one trip to Tunisia for Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho to fall in love with Eastern music. Under the moniker Acid Arab, the two started a musical journey that took them to different regions of North Africa, where they dove into the local traditional party music, matching its complex rhythms to the beatboxes and bassline machines of acid tracks. The duo took a collective approach as they sought out musicians and performers from Maghreb and the Middle East, and together released Acid Arab Collections on Versatile, revealing a distinctly emotional dimension to acid house. Red Light Radio loves them.



Orpheu the Wizard & Robert Bergman / 02.00 (Presented by Red Light Radio)
Representing Red Light Radio, Orpheu the Wizard and Robert Bergman will play a back to back set. As one of the founders of RLR, local hero Orpheu de Jong is the driving force behind the eclectic programming of the station. He is also known for his smooth, synth-loving, and constantly in flux DJ sets that traverse genres. Between his residency at Red Light Radio, Rush Hour, and his music studies at UvA, there’s little time for Robert Bergman to do anything else but music. Unsurprisingly, he is an agile selector, treating his sets as mission statements and always going against the grain.


Hiele / 01.00 (Presented by Stroom)
Belgium’s Roman Hiele effortlessly combines IDM with jazz structures, rarefied acid house with ambient sounds, brilliantly punctuating dreamy passages with dub, and punching holes in every melody with heavily saturated drum parts. Suggestively titled Essential Oils, his 2014 release on Antwerp label Ekster qualifies as a sensorial overkill executed with precision in eight commanding tracks. Selected by Stroom for its unique sound alchemy.




JM Moser / 22.00 (Presented by Berlin Community Radio)
As a co-conspirator of The Institute Of Harmless Thinking, a series of unconventional, dance-heavy club nights, Berlin DJ JM Moser is well-versed in leftfield sets. Remember the name Brown Rice, that’s his Wednesday freeform slot on Berlin Community Radio. He builds on ambient soundscapes, incorporating jazz phrases, raising and falling to dub, and always landing on dance, his failsafe and your safe bet.



Suzanne Kraft / 20.00 (Presented by dublab)
Los Angeles based DJ and producer, Diego Herrera operates under many names - Suzanne Kraft, Dude Energy for his solo works, Pharaohs and Blasé when he feels like playing in bands. He is also the creative director of dublab, has his own weekly show called Things of Life, and is seemingly thriving in this highly collaborative milieu. As a selector, his sound is dominated by a sunny aesthetic, channeling house, balearic disco and kraut works.




Charlie Bones / 09.00 (Presented by NTS)
From Monday to Friday, Charlie Bones lets listeners of NTS Radio rise and shine with The Do!! You!!! Breakfast Show. Loving the mistakes, background noise and throwaway comments of radio and live recording, he has created a safe space that encourages spontaneity on air. Aiming to rhythmically edify his listeners all week, Bones puts together eclectic sets focusing on the odd ones out of each genre.



Claire Tolan / 11.00 (Presented by Berlin Community Radio)
Since 2014, Berlin-based American artist and programmer Claire Tolan has been producing You’re Worth It, an experimental show on Berlin Community Radio dedicated to the sounds and culture of ASMR. Spelled out, that’s Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it refers to the controversial perceptual phenomenon said to be caused by whispering and soft sounds, and resulting in a tingling sensation. Tolan also just debuted Always Here For You, an all-round tickling installation and radio play, commissioned by the CTM Festival and Deustschlandradio Kultur for the 2015 Radiolab. Because she’s worth it.



Mittland Och Leo / 15.10 (Presented by Stroom)
Mittland Och Leo are Milan Warmoeskerken and Joke Leonare, Antwerp-based synth pop duo that indulges in soft bass lines and swooning keyboards creating auditory experiences that gently wash over the listener. Mixed by Milan and released via Joke’s label Jj funhouse, their debut long-player Optimists is a collection of tropical synthwaves that might not have you hitting the dancefloor but will likely beam you into a dreamscape.



Summer Recreation Camp / 07.00 (Presented by dublab)
Serial band starter, film school dropout and Bandcamp hero are only a few of the ways in which the tireless Cristian Subirà can be described. Barcelona born and bred, Subirà has been actively involved in the local scene, playing in numerous bands, as well as recording a dublab radio show called Latitudes under the guise of Cosmic D’Alessandro. Summer Recreation Camp is one of his longer standing projects dedicated to ambient and drone works, with shoegaze sonorities and experimental pop frequencies buried deep inside.





Craig Leon / 20.00 (Presented by Red Light Radio)
Having produced early releases of The Ramones, Suicide and Blondie, Craig Leon has often been described as a pivotal figure in the punk and new wave scenes. Less known is that in the ‘80s he also released two of his own compositions, Nommos and Visiting, inspired by sculptures of the Dogon tribe and employing the latest at the time in synthesizer technology. Now considered seminal cosmic-synth works, they’ve been reissued by RVNG Intl. in their definitive form, also occasioning a rare live performance of Nommos at Muziekgebouw for which Leon will be accompanied by Ragazze Quartet.



Juju & Jordash / 21.15 (Presented by Red Light Radio)
Israeli born Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski first crossed paths as jazz musicians in Haifa and Tel Aviv, only to reunite in Amsterdam as DJ’s ten years ago, performing from behind a desk full of hardware and building tracks from scratch. The promising duo soon became a Red Light Radio favorite, and signed with the newly-founded Dekmantel label. Their improvisational flair showed in the ensuing forays: deep house, primitive techno, dub tracks, and free jazz experiments, all coming into focus on their third release to date, boldly-titled Clean-Cut.



Awesome Tapes From Africa / 23.00 (Presented by dublab & Boiler Room)
Following a research trip to Ghana in 2002, Brian Shimkovitz started a blog to share his rare musical finds from West Africa. Awesome Tapes from Africa quickly became an online showcase of the continent’s vibrant cassette culture, mostly unheard internationally. The blog turned into a label as Shimkovitz went the extra mile and started reissuing and remastering some of his findings, as well as performing carefully-curated DJ sets. No wonder he became an online radio star, hosting shows on Berlin Community Radio, Boiler Room and most recently dublab.



Palmistry​ / 22.15 (Presented by NTS)
Palmistry easily combines being a producer, singer and visual artist. After having worked with Cantonese MC Triad God with whom he released an album on the experimental label Hippos In Tanks in 2012, Palmistry’s own voice became more present in his recent solo material. There’s a minimalist dancehall aesthetic in his productions, with hints of reggaeton and RnB. But like many of his London contemporaries, this is genre-defying music. 



James Pants / 19.00 (Presented by Stroom)
An obsessive record collector, James Pants has been breathing new life into ‘80s boogie, new wave, R&B, and 60’s prog rock as well as embracing synth experiments and dated keyboard jingles that no one else would touch. His crate digging skills recommend him as a highly interesting selector, proof to which are his many mixtapes and off-kilter DJ sets. It's the year of the rat, which means temple music by a floor tom orchestra, shamanic robes, violent magma bursts, rain dances. Expect an incantation here and there and loads of pagan!



Joanne Robertson / 18.00 (Presented by NTS)
Mostly known as the feminine half to Dean Blunt’s The Redeemer and Black Metal, Joanne Robertson and her devastating vocals infuse emotion when Blunt stops short of feeling too much. But outside their collaboration, little is known of her. Painter and rumored poet, Robertson has recently released a new (avant-)folk album entitled Black Moon Days, out on Feeding Tube Records. Paired with a soft guitar, little or no percussion, her voice lulls and murmurs with a sweet inflection, at times taking the meaning out of the lyrics as it floats away. It’s a delicate as well as an unexpected listen.



Live stream
The whole festival will be streamed live via and the participating radio
stations. But believe us, it’s more fun to meet the radio makers, witness the performances and
dance to the music of the dj’s at the Muziekgebouw.

Berlin Community Radio (DE)
Berlin Community Radio broadcasts everything coming from, passing through or influencing the creative scene in Berlin. BCR is founded in the summer of 2013 by Anastazja Moser and Sarah Miles. While Berlin is surely known for its electronic music scene, the station covers a diversity of genres, talk radio and art shows.


Boiler Room (UK)
Boiler Room started in 2010 with a group of music lovers in London who video streamed underground music sessions and hosted intimate parties with their favourite DJ’s. Due to popular demand and exciting line-ups and locations, Boiler Room grew into the world leading music streaming community that it is today. With events and broadcasts in over 50 cities – including world renowned concert halls and festivals – Boiler Room proofs there can be a mass audience for underground music.

 Berlin Radio Community /  Boiler Room  / dublab


dublab (US)
dublab is one of the longest running web radio stations, founded in 1999 in the early internet days by Mark ‘Frosty’ McNeill. From a studio in Los Angeles a solid collective of dj’s and musicians share future roots radio with a global audience. Artists like Ras G, Sun Araw and The Gaslamp Killer are just a few of the many ‘labrats’ that contribute to the station. dublab also releases records, produces films and curates art exhibitions.


From a small studio overlooking Gillet Square in Dalston, London, NTS (‘Don’t assume’) broadcasts uncompromising live radio from the early morning until the late night, all week. Founded in 2011 by Femi Adeyemi (who’s also one of the original members of Boiler Room), NTS rapidly expanded into about 150 shows and recently launched a second channel for broadcasts from festivals worldwide.

NTS / Red Light Radio / Stroom


Red Light Radio (NL)
Inspired by East Village Radio in New York City, Hugo van Heijningen and Orpheu de Jong started Red Light Radio: an online radio station situated at a former prostitute window, in the middle of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Now in it’s 5th year, Red Light Radio unites the diverse Amsterdam underground music scene – from the blackest metal to the newest electronics – while being a beloved place to visit for touring DJ’s and bands.


Stroom (BE)
Suddenly there was Stroom. Live radio from Belgium since 2013 with no frills, just focused on bringing you adventurous music and full screen visuals, all playful and mysterious. Aside from the annual Christmas mix, adventures on Chatroulette, documentaries and other specials, the people behind Stroom broadcast a collaborative daily mix of music non-stop and visual art.



Muziekgebouw will turn into a big broadcasting studio when 6 of today’’s leading radio stations bring along their favourite artists for a unique festival. For 30 hours non-stop you can experience live concerts, dj-sets and international radio makers discuss the current status of online radio.

The Online Radio Festival celebrates the worldwide rise and musical diversity of internet radio stations. For the first time, the festival brings like-minded independent radio stations from various cities together, to create a collective 30 hour broadcast - live from the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam.

The Online Radio Festival takes place on May 1 & 2, from Friday 7PM till Saturday night / Sunday morning 1AM.

Berlin Community Radio (Berlin)
Boiler Room (London)
dublab (Los Angeles)
NTS (London)
Red Light Radio (Amsterdam)
Stroom (Gent)

You can buy a passe-partout ticket which gives access to the entire 30 hour live marathon broadcast in Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ or a day ticket for Friday or Saturday.

• Passe-partout Ticket: valid from Friday (01-05) 7PM till Sunday (03-05) 1AM
• Day Ticket Friday: valid from Friday (01-05) 7PM till Saturday (02-05) 6AM
• Day Ticket Saturday: valid from Saturday (02-05) 6AM till Sunday (03-05) 1Am

Where do I buy tickets?
• Online via this website
• Via the telephone desk (+31 20 788 20 00, opening hours: mon-sat 12:00-18:00)
• At the ticket desk (Piet Heinkade 1, 1019 BR Amsterdam, opening hours: mon-sat 12.00-18.00)

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Piet Heinkade 1
1019BR Amsterdam
The Netherlands



For all press inquiries, press kit or other questions regarding Online Radio Festival, please contact:

Silvester Pöll
- E-mail
- Tel + 31(0)20 7882048


Waar koop ik kaarten?
• Online via deze website
• Telefonisch bij de kassa (T 020 788 20 00, openingstijden: ma t/m za 12.00-18.00 uur)
• Aan de kassabalie (Piet Heinkade 1, 1019 BR Amsterdam, openingstijden: ma t/m za 12.00-18.00 uur)



Piet Heinkade 1, 1019 BR Amsterdam


Het Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ is optimaal bereikbaar en ligt vlakbij de binnenstad van Amsterdam.
Auto: Vanaf de oostelijke Ringweg A10, afslag S114 richting Centrum, via de Piet Heintunnel. Vanuit Haarlem, volg de S102.
Lopend: 15 minuten vanaf het Centraal Station
Tram: 26, halte Muziekgebouw (eerste halte vanaf het Centraal Station)

Routebeschrijving | plattegrond zie


• Piet Hein Garage. Pal onder het Muziekgebouw kunt u parkeren in Parkeergarage Piet Hein. Vanuit de parkeergarage is de Entreehal bereikbaar via lift of trap. Concertbezoekers van het Muziekgebouw kunnen gebruikmaken van een gunstige parkeerregeling: 4 uur voor € 10
• P&R Zeeburg. Voordelig parkeren vanaf € 1 per dag met gebruik van OV kaart.
• Parkeergarage Oosterdok. Langer dan 5 uur parkeren: € 10


• Rolstoelplaatsen: in de Grote Zaal. Ook de Kleine Zaal is toegankelijk voor mindervaliden. Geef bij het telefonisch reserveren a.u.b. aan of u gebruik wilt maken van een rolstoelplaats.
• Slechthorenden: wij beschikken over een infraroodinstallatie. Meld het a.u.b. bij uw telefonische reservering als u daar gebruik van wilt maken. De apparatuur kunt u afhalen bij de garderobe.
• Goed te weten: o.a. aanwezig aangepaste lift en aangepast toilet. Betaalde invalidenparkeerplaatsen direct onder het Muziekgebouw in parkeergarage 'Piet Hein Garage'. Komt u met de tram, neem dan de weg langs de Passenger terminal naar de hoofdingang van het Muziekgebouw op de begane grond.


Get in the mood!

NTS x Online Radio Festival

Berlin Community Radio x Online Radio Festival

dublab x Online Radio Festival





For all press inquiries, a press kit or other questions regarding Online Radio Festival, please contact:

Silvester Pöll
- E-mail
- Tel + 31(0)20 7882048



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