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Contemporary music is our main genre. But we also host classical, jazz, electronic and world music. Genres closely linked to today’s music. And typically Muziekgebouw: concerts with a mix of both contemporary and classical music. Choose your favourite genre or let yourself be inspired

From 20th-century classics to brand-new work
Contemporary music (also called modern classical) is our main genre. Music written from the early 20th century, when major innovations in compositional practice were made. As rich, varied and vibrant as the music of the last century is, so too are our concerts. From revolutionary experiments to lyrical melodies, and from brand-new pieces to undisputed 20th-century masterpieces.

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Music in the light of history
Even music that nowadays belongs to the absolute canon of classical music was once ‘contemporary’. Muziekgebouw wants to bring the music of today to you in the light of history. Without classical music – from roughly before 1900 – there could be no contemporary music. In our programme full of classical gems, we focus on performances as they were originally intended. Pure, unexpected and authentic: a perfect match for the unique acoustics of our Grand Hall (‘Grote Zaal’).

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Early Music
Exciting performances of centuries-old music
The Muziekgebouw brings early music from the Middle Ages to Bach (1750). Performed with historical awareness, often with authentic instruments from the time the music was composed. The acoustics of our Grand Hall are perfectly suited for this genre. When this music was composed, it was meant for smaller spaces and for instruments capable of subtle expression. It makes for fresh, exciting performances of centuries-old music, based on how the composer wanted the music to sound.

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Music of the moment
Improvisation is an essential component of jazz music. Little is fixed; it is music of the moment. There is nothing more exciting than a jazz soloist telling his or her ‘story’ on the spot through his or her instrument. Because personal style is so important in jazz, this music genre has always been open to other musical styles. More than a century of innovation has resulted in many types of music coming together in jazz. From classical, bossa nova and soul, to rock, pop music and dance. Also in the Muziekgebouw, often in partnership with the Bimhuis.

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One of the liveliest styles of music
With the advent of pop music around the 1950s, the use of electronic instruments expanded. From guitars, synthesisers and amplifiers, to laptops with the latest software. Composer Edgard Varèse (1883-1965) dreamed of it. Today, it is one of the liveliest styles of music. Electronic music can be heard in the Muziekgebouw on a regular basis. Always performed live by the makers themselves. On The Rest is Noise nights, for example. Ahead of the curve and unexpected.

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Music from all corners of the world
Both traditional music from other continents and music influenced by the present time from non-Anglo-Saxon countries. That’s the music the Muziekgebouw wants to showcase in the Global series. To provide a stage for music from all corners of the world. And also to be a place where audiences can meet and inspire each other and learn from each other.

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A different musical experience
The theatrical concerts presented by Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ revolve around a mix of music, theatre and the visual arts. By combining visual arts and dance with music, a different kind of imagination and musical experience is created. There where, stemming from tradition, there are often still many ‘iron curtains’ in place that separate music, dance and visual arts, we want to remove that separation. Today’s composers also no longer care much about keeping different disciplines separate. Nor do audiences: they want that unforgettable theatrical experience.

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Experiencing films the way it was once intended
The history of film music begins with the silent film. In the silent era, live music during the screening of films was common. Today it’s a rarity, and we experience movies in a very different way. Cinemas are all about images, spoken word, and previously recorded music. In the Muziekgebouw, however, we still show the old silent films, in all genres, accompanied by live music. Sometimes with the original music, sometimes with a newly composed soundtrack. But always with the unique sensation of experiencing film with live music, the way it was once intended.

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Family Concerts
Music in all genres, for all ages
Muziekgebouw and Bimhuis believe it is important to give children the opportunity to enjoy music at an early age. Which is why we also organise concerts for children – from 2 years old – and teenagers, in all the same genres we offer music to adults. From classical, jazz and pop, to global and new music. For instance in our Look at Music and Open Your Ears series (‘Kijk Muziek and Open je Oren’) series, for a unique experience in one of the most beautiful concert halls in the Netherlands. Look here for all activities.

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