Frequently asked questions

Creating an account and logging in

How do I create an account?

Click the Login button at the top right and enter the email address you wish to use to create an account. Next, verify your email address by clicking on the confirmation link in the email you receive. You can now change your communication preferences and personal details on the site to complete your account. You can also create a password here. For a more detailed explanation, see this step-by-step guide.

I forgot my password, what do I do now?
You can safely log in without a password. You do this by logging into the site with the email address known to us. Next, select the option to receive a confirmation e-mail. Click on the link in the e-mail we have sent you. You can now change your personal details and set a new password.

I can’t remember which email address I used. What do I do now?
Search your e-mail inboxes for ‘Muziekgebouw’ to find the address at which you receive e-mail from us. Then use that e-mail address to log in to the site. If that doesn’t work, contact the Box Office.

I haven’t received a confirmation link. What do I do now?
It may take several minutes before you receive the e-mail, depending on how often your e-mail system retrieves new e-mails. It is also possible that the e-mail ended up in your spam. If this is not the case, please contact the Box Office.

Buying tickets online

How can I pay online?
You can pay online using iDeal, credit card (Visa or Eurocard/Mastercard), Muziekgebouw Credit Voucher, or PODIUM Gift Card.

How do I order with an early booking discount (vroegboekkorting)?
If you order three or more different concerts with the early booking discount (vroegboekkorting) logo in a single order before 1 October, the early booking discount will apply. The site does not automatically apply this discount. When you select your tickets, you will see a list of available rates. The best rate for you will appear at the top.

Add at least three concerts with the early booking discount logo to your basket. The system will recognise that you are entitled to the 3+ early booking rate and will notify you accordingly. When selecting rates, choose the 3+ early booking rate, which will automatically appear at the top. Please note: for the 3+ early booking rate, you must order exactly the same number of tickets for all three concerts. Only then will the early booking discount be applied. This procedure also applies to the 6+ and 9+ early booking rate.

When completing my order, it appears that I have received no or not enough early booking discount, even though I meet the conditions. Why is this?
You probably added concerts with Early Booking Discount to your basket while you had already started selecting prices for other concerts. This is because the system does not automatically change the price of booked seats, even if (by adding a concert) you are entitled to more discount.

Therefore, strictly follow the following booking order on the website:
1) add all concerts to the shopping basket
2) select the price per concert

Please do not add or remove any concerts from your shopping basket once you have started selecting the prices.

Do you still want to add a concert, while you have already selected the prices for other concerts? If so, cancel the already selected prices by clicking on ‘Cancel reservation’ in the bottom left of your shopping basket. The selected concerts will remain in your shopping basket, but the reserved prices will disappear. After this, select the prices again for the concerts of your choice.

If you have already paid for an order that is not correct, please contact the Box Office.

I have a promotional code, how do I use it?
After you have selected the concert(s) of your choice, click on “choose prices”. You can now enter a promotional code at the top right of the screen. After entering the code, click “Activate” to apply the promotional code.

What is the difference between a concert with select-a-seat and assigned seating?
A concert with the option select-a-seat means that you can choose the seats yourself from the seat map when ordering. If you choose automatic seating, the system will pick the best available seats. All you have to do is specify how many tickets you want at which rate. In both cases, the row and seat number are indicated in the confirmation and on your (e-)ticket. For concerts with assigned seats, seat selection is not possible and when you order you only need to specify how many tickets you want at which rate.

How do I order multiple seats (for a select-a-seat concert), but for different rates?
In this case, choose one seat first, and the rate. Then proceed with the next seat, etc. If you first click all your seats in the seat map and choose the rates afterwards, you can only order these seats for one rate.

How do I easily select the same seat for multiple select-a-seat concerts?
If you have several concerts in your shopping cart, you can easily copy your seat selection for the first concert to the other concerts by using the ‘copy seat selection’ button. You will then be given the same seats for all concerts, provided they are available.

When choosing seats, I get the notification (in red): ‘You have not selected the same number of tickets for the early booking price for each concert. Please adjust your selection.’ What should I do?
You get this notification because:
• you have removed one or more concerts from your shopping basket after selecting tickets with early booking discount. The 3+, 6+ or 9+ rate you selected no longer applies.
• you did not select the exact same number of tickets with Early Booking Discount for each concert (see also above).

At the bottom of your list with selected concerts, choose “cancel reservation”, click on the shopping basket icon (top right) and then choose the applicable discount rate for each concert (matching the number of concerts you have selected; the website will show the most favourable rate at the top).

I get an error message when I try to place an order
If you have not yet made a payment, please try it again. Still not working? Please contact the Box Office. Have you paid already and do you get an error message afterwards? Contact the Box Office immediately.

When trying to order, I get the message ‘An error occurred while trying to confirm your reservation. Contact the Box Office.’ What’s going on?
This may be caused by an unexpected technical problem. Also, this error sometimes occurs with complicated, large orders. Please contact the Box Office.

I got the message ‘Maximum time to order exceeded. All seats reserved by you have been released again.’ 
The maximum time between reserving seats and checkout is one hour. If you take longer, the seats will be released. However, the concerts will remain in your shopping basket. So you can easily reserve seats again. 

I want to cancel my order. Will the selection in my basket be lost?
If you choose ‘cancel booking’ at the bottom of the order list, the concert selection in your basket will not be lost. However, you will have to select your seats again.

I get an error message during checkout. What to do?
If you have not yet made a payment, please try it again. Still not working? Please contact the Box Office. Have you paid already and do you get an error message? Contact the Box Office immediately.

I want to choose seats, but I only see a list with rates. Why is this?
This is a concert with assigned seating. At the top of the list you will see the rate that applies to you. Choose your number of tickets and confirm.

I have chosen automatic seat selection and get a list with rates. What should I do?
When choosing seats, you will find ‘the best rate that applies to you’ at the top. Choose your number of tickets and confirm.

I have a promotional code, but it is not accepted at checkout. What do I do?
Copy the promotional code exactly. Including capital letters, spaces, numbers, etc. If it still does not work, please contact the Box Office.

I have a Stadspas (City Pass). Where can I find the Stadspas price for a specific concert?
The highest and lowest price are shown on the concert page. If you click on the arrow next to it, all available prices will appear, including the City Pass price.

I would like an Early Bird ticket at €12.50, but don’t see an Early Bird ticket price on the concert page.
For almost all concerts, a limited number of Early Bird tickets is available. When you don’t see an Early Bird price, there are no Early Bird tickets available for the concert, or they have all been sold. So be quick!

How long is my credit voucher valid for?
The expiry date is shown on the voucher.
How can I redeem my credit voucher?
You can use the credit on your voucher to pay for your tickets on the website. At checkout, select payment method ‘voucher’ and enter the 26-digit code on your voucher (without spaces!). If your credit is not sufficient, you can enter a second voucher for the remaining amount or select another payment method.
If the available credit on your voucher exceeds the total price of your ticket purchase, our box office cashiers will e-mail you within one week a new digital voucher with the remaining credit. Of course, you can also use the balance on your credit voucher for orders placed by telephone. To do so, please contact us (opening hours at


Can I choose between paper tickets and e-tickets?

Yes, you can. If you order tickets online, you will be given this choice in the ordering process. If you choose paper tickets, they will be sent to you by post. We charge €3 shipping costs for this. If you choose e-tickets, they will be added to your Muziekgebouw account so you can download them yourself.

If I choose e-tickets when I place my order, will I receive them by e-mail after I have paid?
No, we do not e-mail the e-tickets to you. However, once the payment has been successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link for downloading the e-ticket in your Muziekgebouw account. You don’t have to do that right away. You can download the e-tickets at any time when you log in to your account.

How do I download my e-tickets?
Log in to your Muziekgebouw account with your username and password. Next, click on the icon with your initials at the top right of the page and then on “my calendar”. All e-tickets available to you will appear here. Are you using a mobile device to visit the site? By clicking on the menu icon at the top left of the page after logging in, you will find the “my calendar” page.

Do I need to print the e-tickets before attending the concert?
No, that is not needed. You can also show the e-ticket on your phone. In that case, please set the brightness of your screen to maximum. When printing your e-ticket, make sure the print size is between 93% and 100%.

How will my e-ticket be checked?
We check e-tickets with a scanner at the entrance to the concert hall. Please have your e-ticket with barcode ready in plain sight. If you have bought an e-ticket with CJP, Stadspas or Early Bird discount, you may be asked for your discount card or ID at the ticket check.

Attending a concert

Where can I leave my coat and bag?

Before the concert starts, you can leave your coat and bag in our attended cloakroom (free of charge). The cloakroom closes 45 minutes after the end of the concert.

Is the building wheelchair accessible?
All auditoria are wheelchair accessible. For a wheelchair place, please contact our Box Office.
More information on accessibility >

Do you have an in-ear system?
Visitors with a hearing impairment can use our wireless in-ear system.
More information on accessibility >

Can I bring my dog into the building?
Guide dogs for the blind or disabled are allowed in the concert hall. Other dogs are not allowed in the building.

When is the restaurant open?
Visit for current opening hours and to make reservations.

How does the free drink work?
If a drink is included in your concert ticket, it will be waiting for you before or after the concert. In principle, a drink is included with your concert ticket, unless otherwise indicated on the website in the information about the concert in question, and on your ticket.

It is not allowed to take drinks into the hall, or to the balconies.

To stay informed

Will there be a brochure with highlights for the 2024-2025 season?

The 2024-2025 highlight brochure will be published at the end of March 2024. You can take a copy of the most recently published highlight brochure with you when you visit the Muziekgebouw. You can of course always go online for current concert and background information.

How do I stay up-to-date on newly added concerts?
• Follow us on Facebook  or Instagram,
• Subscribe to the digital monthly calendar or check ‘Concert tips and newly added’ under your communication preferences.
• You can also go to Series ‘Newly added’.


What is SoundLAB?
Muziekgebouw has a unique collection of up to 100 bizarre, super interesting musical instruments that have been specially designed for us. Anyone can make music with them!
> Learn more

On which days are there SoundLAB workshops?

Public SoundLAB workshops usually take place on Sunday afternoons. During school holidays also on other days of the week.
> Look here for the dates

Can children under the age of 7 also attend the SoundLAB workshop?
Unfortunately not. The musical instruments and methods used in these workshops are not suitable for children under 7.

How long does a workshop last?
Regular, public workshops last 90 minutes.

Is it possible to celebrate a children’s party with a SoundLAB workshop?
Yes, this is possible during the regular, public workshops, as well as on a day and time by arrangement. Children’s parties by arrangement are private (that is, only the child with his/her own friends). After the workshop, the birthday boy or girl will receive the music piece they have made on a USB stick. Good to know: it is possible to rent the reception room (Atrium Room) (€25 per 30 minutes) to enjoy any cake or snacks you want to bring to the party. This room has a long table with benches and a small kitchenette with a countertop and fridge. For more information, please contact us.

Is it allowed to eat something in the workshop space?
No, not in the room where the workshops are held, the Atrium Hall (in Dutch: Atriumzaal). However, you are welcome to eat in the reception area, the Atrium Room (‘Atriumkamer’). For school and after-school care programs, the Atrium Room can be used free of charge. For custom workshops, the space can be hired (€25 per 30 minutes). And for groups of 25 people or more, it’s possible to arrange for snacks and drinks to be served by 4'33 grand café.

Is a SoundLAB workshop interesting for adults and young people?
The unusual musical instruments are interesting for different age groups. Which is why we also organise workshops for young people and adults. Our workshop leaders (music teachers) work with methods that are tailored to age and target group. For more information, please contact us.

What kind of groups does Muziekgebouw organise workshops for?
In addition to our public workshops, we organise workshops for schools, companies, families and groups of friends. The workshops are suitable for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 32 people. For larger groups of school children, we organise Education Circuits: workshops combined with guided tours and a school concert. For more information, please contact us.

Can workshops for schools be combined with other activities?
Yes, for example with a (school) concert, guided tour or other workshops. Adults can combine the workshop with a lunch, drinks or dinner at Grand café 4'33. For more information, please contact us.

Can people with disabilities follow a SoundLAB workshop?
Yes, our workshops are also suitable for people with physical and mental disabilities. We tailor-make these workshops. Carers can participate in these workshops free of charge. For more information, please contact us.

Are there also workshops just for adults?
Yes, on several days throughout the year adults can take part in a special SoundLAB workshop for adults. We will announce the dates for school year 2021-2022 as soon as possible. We also organise outings for institutions and companies. For more information, please contact us.

Are there also workshops, guided tours and concerts for students in intermediate vocational or higher education (MBO/HBO/WO)?
Yes, we organise these in consultation. For more information, please contact us.

Where in the Muziekgebouw do the workshops take place?
The workshops are held in the Atrium Hall (‘Atriumzaal’) on the 2nd floor of the building. If you come by tram and enter the building via the footbridge, this will take you straight into the Atrium. You will find the Atrium Hall on the right. From the ground floor, you can take the stairs or elevator to the Atrium.
> Address and getting here

Is the workshop area (Atrium Hall) wheelchair accessible?
Yes, both the Muziekgebouw building and the Atrium Hall are wheelchair accessible.