Calder Quartet (photo Austin Hargrave)

Late Beethoven: Beethoven Re-imagined

Calder Quartet, Antoine Hunter + Zahna Simon (Urban Jazz Dance Company)
Wed 31 Jan 2024 22:30 - 23:55
Wed 31 Jan 2024
22:30 - 23:55
  • Wed 31 Jan 2024
    22:30 - 23:55
    Excl. drankje
    Grote Zaal


Julius Eastman Joy Boy
John Cage Quartet in 4 parts
Ludwig van Beethoven String quartet nr. 13 op. 130 with Grosse Fuge op. 133


Calder Quartet:
Benjamin Jacobson violin
Tereza Stanislav violin
Jonathan Moerschel viola
Eric Byers cello

Members Urban Jazz Dance Company:
Antoine Hunter dance, choreography
Zahna Simon dance
Marissa Head dance

Dancing to the vibrations of the music

Feeling the music through vibrations – it’s said that this is how Beethoven was able to continue composing even when he became deaf. Dancers Antoine Hunter and Zahna Simon take this to an extreme, demonstrating just how well it’s possible. Despite their deafness, they have learned to interpret the vibrations of the music and express themselves through a mix of jazz ballet and urban dance. Together with the Calder Quartet, Hunter and Simon choreograph a performance to Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 13 and the Grosse Fuge.

In Jan Caeyers’ excellent Beethoven biography, the chapter on the late string quartets is called ‘The Discovery of Heaven’. And with good reason: like Mulisch’s novel, these quartets open up a world that goes beyond all understanding. Better than words, Beethoven’s music here conveys the essence of love and pain. At the peak of his creativity, he explores the border between thinking and feeling, between matter and spirituality.

Urban Jazz Dance Company (photo Matt Haber)
Urban Jazz Dance Company (photo Matt Haber)