Nieuw Amsterdams Peil (photo Carine Bijlsma)

Alive & Kicking

Nieuw Amsterdams Peil
Sun 11 Feb 2024 16:00 - 17:10
Sun 11 Feb 2024
16:00 - 17:10
  • Sun 11 Feb 2024
    16:00 - 17:10
    Excl. drankje
    Kleine Zaal


Theo Loevendie Ackermusik
Mayke Nas Or just after 
Reza Namavar Geel Bijvoorbeeld 
Janco Verduin Mirovoi
Ron Ford Brandelli


Nieuw Amsterdams Peil:
Heleen Hulst violin
Mick Stirling cello
Gerard Bouwhuis piano

The piano trio revamped

The piano trio has been a popular arrangement for composers for several hundred years now. Whereas in the days of Haydn and Mozart it was mainly used to liven up piano sonatas a little, from the Classical era, particularly with Beethoven, each instrument was given an increasingly independent role. Beethoven even transcribed two of his symphonies for it.

No wonder that today’s composers are also drawn to the many possibilities of the piano trio. Loevendie can express his fondness for non-Western music in Ackermusik. Verduin seeks to create oceans of sound. While the music of Nas, in contrast, requires square-millimetre precision.

Nieuw Amsterdams Peil (photo Martina Simkovicova)
Nieuw Amsterdams Peil (photo Martina Simkovicova)