Calefax - de Muziekfabriek (foto Claudia Hans)

Music Factory (6+)

Sun 6 Apr 2025 13:30 - 14:30
Sun 6 Apr 2025
13:30 - 14:30
  • Sun 6 Apr 2025
    13:30 - 14:30
    Grote Zaal


Oliver Boekhoorn oboe
Bart de Kater clarinet
Raaf Hekkema saxophone
Jelte Althuis bass clarinet
Alban Wesly bassoon

Annechien Koerselman direction and script
Oda Buijs stage direction
Joris Speelman set
Zita Winnubst costumes
Desirée van Gelderen lighting design
Guido Hagen set technician

Humorous music performance without words

The five men of Calefax work in a factory that makes very special binoculars. They do the same work every day and they enjoy it. Their actions are so well coordinated and sound so good, it is as if they are making music. But when something goes wrong one day, panic sets in. Until the men discover that they can make the most beautiful music instruments out of tubes. The Music Factory is born!

For many years now, reed quintet Calefax has successfully performed De Muziekfabriek (‘The Music Factory’), a humorous music performance without words. A joyous performance centred around the music of famous classical composers such as Bach, Debussy and Prokofiev. About how you can make music out of repetition and everyday objects around you.

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