Muziekgebouw & Bimhuis (photo Nico Alsemgeest)

Bimhuis & Muziekgebouw

Unique cultural venue on the IJ waterfront

Bimhuis and Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ are two leading music venues at a single location on the IJ waterfront in Amsterdam. The venues have their own programming, organisation and identity, but also work closely together. With exciting concerts and festivals, joint educational projects, and an eye for young, rising talent.

Joint Concerts
As like-minded venues under one roof, Bimhuis and Muziekgebouw occasionally programme concerts together in the genres of jazz, world music or contemporary music. The concert is held there where it fits best in terms of size or setting. All under the joint name Bimhuis & Muziekgebouw. Tickets are available at the venue where the concert is held.

Next Door Tips
Bimhuis and Muziekgebouw will also occasionally draw their audiences’ attention to concerts at each other’s venues under the name ‘Tip Next Door’. This involves concerts that one of the venues has programmed, which are interesting for the other venue’s regular visitors.

Youth and Education
Bimhuis and Muziekgebouw also have a joint Educational Department. Through this, schools - and after-school care programs - in Amsterdam can be better reached and served with a high-quality and varied offer of concerts and activities.

Events in this theme

  • Metropole Orkest + Somi

    Sun 22 Sep 2024 20:30

    A love of jazz and the African continent

    Grote Zaal
  • Avishai Cohen Quartet

    Wed 20 Nov 2024 20:30

    Four jazz heroes at the top of their game

    Grote Zaal
  • Crosscurrents Trio

    Dave Holland + Zakir Hussain + Chris Potter
    Sun 24 Nov 2024 20:30

    Jazz and Indian music titans meet

    Grote Zaal
  • Metropole Orkest + Jasper Blom

    Wed 28 May 2025 20:30

    Synthesis of jazz, pop and classical

    Grote Zaal