Sébastien Daucé (foto Pawel Stelmach)

Day of the French Baroque

Soundtrack of the Grand Siècle / 17 Feb 2024

French Baroque: music that is grand and sensual, rich as velvet, wonderfully dramatic, a little flamboyant and always classy. And versatile. We showcase this in three concerts that can be enjoyed as a soundtrack of the 17th century, the ‘Grand Siècle’. With lesser-known baroque masters such as Rebel and Francœur, captivating dance suites by Rameau and Couperin and, in the evening, the intimate and intense music of Charpentier. 

As is usually the case with new trends, the French baroque initially received harsh criticism for its perceived whimsical nature, lascivious melodies and bold harmonies. The word ‘barroque’ first appeared in a letter from a critic who took offence at the music’s ‘shameless sounds’ and ‘noise as of wild animals’. In our time, we know better: the magnificent music of the French Baroque continues to fascinate endlessly. 

Fringe programme
15:20 – 15:50 / Entreehal: Presentation French Baroque Scratch
18:00 – 18:45 / Kleine Zaal: Lecture by Xavier Vandamme, director of the Utrecht Early Music Festival

Festival discount
If you order tickets for all three concerts, you will receive a 20% discount on the full ticket price

Join the French Baroque Scratch led by Marc Mauillon, from 10:30 in the Kleine Zaal.
More information and to sign up: oudemuziek.nl/scratch

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