Unique possibilities and opportunities for corporate events

A venue for corporate events where your brand can shine? Hester Jellema and Boudewijn Berentsen reveal why the Muziekgebouw is the perfect venue for corporate events. For years, they’ve worked with clients from near and far to organize a wide range of corporate events, leveraging the unparalleled possibilities of Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and opportunities.

“We want to share our love of music with as many people as possible. The Muziekgebouw wants to be at the forefront, be groundbreaking, and redefine the concert experience for all,” says Boudewijn Berentsen, managing director of Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ. “The unique building and the Grote Zaal were designed for that. And in recent years, many companies and organisations have found that this also makes us a unique venue for corporate events.”

Unique possibilities thanks to technology and design

‘Weaving music into the very fabric of the building’, the Muziekgebouw is on a quest to make every inch sing. The walkway that leads into the building is currently being turned into a ‘musical instrument’. Soon, each footstep and each touch of the railing will echo a melody. The music doesn’t stop at the door. Also within the Muziekgebouw, ingenious innovations are carried out to make the building produce sound. The Muziekgebouw continues to innovate and expand its possibilities, which already go beyond what any other event venue offers.

And of course, it starts with the Grote Zaal: the movable floor, together with the flexible seating plan, allows for a wide variety of configurations. Thanks to the LED walls and technology grid, the entire hall can easily be transformed into a canvas of ambiance. The Grote Zaal can be transformed from a plenary room to a dining room within an hour, allowing businesses and organizations to organize the most creative events and formats. And surprise their relations!

Corporate event example: Hunkemöller presents

A while ago, we facilitated a meeting for Hunkemöller’s sales management team. The new collection was presented, but at the same time, it had to be possible for everyone to watch the presentation on a screen. “We can easily cater to requests like these,” says Hester Jellema, head of corporate events at Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ. “For this event, we made optimal use of the moveable floor panels and the flexibility of our set-up. Everyone enjoyed an excellent view of both the elevated catwalk and the presentation on the screen.”

In addition to the Grote Zaal, there are of course the Entreehal for receiving guests, three Foyerdecks with unparalleled views over the IJ, the Kleine Zaal, the Atrium and Atriumzaal with break-out rooms, where companies can accommodate up to 2500 visitors. The photos don’t do full justice to the amazing possibilities; it is best to experience them for yourself.

Unique venue for corporate events

“Each event is custom-made, simply because our building offers so many possibilities. We actively brainstorm with our clients, harnessing our expertise to create rock-solid concepts. A plan in which everything is aligned. We know from experience how our building can best contribute to successful events, and we’re passionate about sharing our expertise with our clients. Therefore, companies do not just get an empty space at the Muziekgebouw, but receive guidance and support: from the preparation to the actual production of the event. Right from the start, our technical producer will come on board to identify with your team which options you want to use, and to include these in the quote. This way, you know what to expect.”

“No two events are the same, which keeps it exciting for us as well. Of course, we handle most of it behind the scenes with almost military precision and coordination, but for our clients it’s like a premiere, the big day. As with our concerts, we only have one chance to make it unforgettable.”


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Working together on special corporate events

Hester tells us about the various events she organized for clients and regular relations of the Muziekgebouw in recent years. From the Toshiba event for which the entire facade was illuminated with the company’s logo and colours, to the B-Corp event that used the entire building. Which companies fit best with the Muziekgebouw?

“That is very diverse. But the best events all have one thing in common: they make the entire building come alive in the spirit of the company. With our Grand Hall and various spaces, we can go in so many directions, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. But our ultimate reward is when all the planning culminates in that moment when the client walks in, pauses, smiles, and says:' ‘Yes, this is us. It is really our building now.’ We experience this time and time again with the various shareholder meetings we host here, but also with events such as the presentation of a new electric car model by Hyundai. Our teams always work in close collaboration to achieve the maximum result.”

“The first step is always a tour. When you enter the building, you will immediately notice that this is an event venue like no other. I’ll be happy to show you around the different spaces, and we can discuss right away what will make your event a success. If that works for you, we can take the next step and meet as a team to put together a concrete plan.”


Would you like to know how we can make your event shine at the Muziekgebouw? Hester Jellema and the corporate events team will be happy to welcome you for a tour. Contact them at +31 20 7882023 or events@muziekgebouw.nl

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