Business case: B Corp Summit

Two-day event uses the entire Muziekgebouw with 44 workshops

As an event manager, how do you make the most of the endless possibilities of Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ as an event location? Véronique Misteli, founder and owner of Misteli creative agency, shares her experiences with us. They organized the B Corp Summit and realized 44 interactive sessions in two days with participants from all over the world, spread throughout the building and the city.

Amsterdam-based creative agency Mistelli is B Corp certified

Misteli has been working on creative concepts and campaigns for over 27 years, with a focus on sustainable projects and partners. From its earliest days, the agency has worked for civil society organizations, such as housing associations, trade associations, government bodies, and commercial firms. Because sustainability is at the heart of Misteli’s work, the agency is B Corp certified. Véronique Misteli:

“Sustainability has been at the heart of Misteli for 27 years, both within our company, and in the work that we do. I was looking for a certification for Misteli that would recognize our way of working, and came across B Corp. This is a perfect fit for Misteli because it demonstrates our commitment to sustainability. And it’s the right fit for the partners and collaborations we seek.”

Biennial event for the B Corp community

B Corporation is not just a certification, it’s also a community of companies from around the world, such as Patagonia, Tony Chocolonely, and Illy coffee. Every two years, the B Corps come together to further strengthen that community, share information, and celebrate their growth and success.

In September 2019, Misteli took charge of organizing the event. They did it differently: companies and organisations that are not yet B Corp certified but have the ambition, were also invited to attend the event. This allowed these companies to experience what it is like to be part of the B Corp community, and they were inspired to join as well.

“For two days, the Muziekgebouw served as home base for the B Corp community. “We organized 44 interactive sessions, each tailored to one of the four types of participants we focused on and taking into account their needs as a B Corp.” Companies still considering B Corp certification attended introductory workshops, while companies that have been certified for years and are looking to deepen their insights, learned from each other how to do things even better. The workshops really added something. The participants left armed with insights and experiences they can use to make a real difference.”

Muziekgebouw as a sustainable and innovative event venue

Misteli chose Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ because both the location in the heart of Amsterdam and the building’s possibilities fitted the event perfectly. Also in terms of vision, B Corp and the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam are a good match. The Muziekgebouw also leads the way in sustainability and innovation.

Building with an open character

With the theme ‘Lead the beat’, Misteli seamlessly blends the aspirations of the B Corp community with the event’s goals, all within the vibrant ambiance of the Muziekgebouw. Music was the common thread of the event and connected the various spaces and activities:

“The Grote Zaal offers a lot of flexibility thanks to the different possibilities the LED walls and moveable floor panels offer. This allowed us to make the space our own. You felt the energy of the sessions throughout the building because of the many open spaces. And at the same time we had these great break-out rooms to conduct interviews, to drum, or for more in-depth discussions. The open character of the building makes the experience truly personal.”


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The Muziekgebouw as a gathering ground

“With the event, Misteli brought together different (potential) B Corp organizations from all over the world in Amsterdam for two days. The activities took place in the Muziekgebouw and throughout the city, with businesses opening their doors to the community in the evenings. The Muziekgebouw’s location in the city made it the perfect gathering ground.

“We are proud that, together with the Muziekgebouw, we created an unforgettable event bursting with impactful workshops and experiences. Such as morning yoga overlooking the IJ, and fishing for plastic with Plastic Whale. “The event was a resounding success that has led to many new collaborations, and the participants are still talking about it two years later.”

Muziekgebouw’s support in organizing events

“In the organization of the event, we really benefitted from the support from Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ. The Muziekgebouw team helped us to fully utilize the possibilities of the building. And to create the right flow by guiding the participants through the entire building. This allowed them to experience all parts of the event. It really felt as if the building was ours.”

The entire Muziekgebouw breathed B Corp for two days with branding, décor and festival chairs developed especially for the event. The latter ensured that every participant could easily join a discussion or workshop, anywhere in the building.

As such, the Muziekgebouw unfolded into a flexible venue, with many possibilities, a warm atmosphere, and an impressive appearance. The B Corp summit was nominated for a Golden Giraffe Event Award.


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