Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir (photo Melle Meivogel)

Kreek and Tormis

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Wed 20 Mar 2024 20:15 - 21:50
Wed 20 Mar 2024
20:15 - 21:50
  • Wed 20 Mar 2024
    20:15 - 21:50
    Interval 20:50
    Grote Zaal


Cyrillus Kreek
Unes nägin (I dreamed)
Mis sa sirised, sirtsukene (Why do you sing, little bird)
Kuula valgusest imelist juttu (Listen to the story about the light)
Hällilaul (Cradle song)
Nõmmelill (Heather Flower)
Laulja (A singer)
Sirisege, sirbikesed (Sing, scythes)
Undsel ilmal lätsi ma (I went on a cloudy day)
Talvine õhtu (Winternight)
Jaan läheb jaanitulele (Jan goes to the bonfire)
Meie err (Our master)
Maga, maga, Matsikene (Good night little Matthias)

Veljo Tormis
Eesti kalendrilaulud (Estonian calendar songs)
- Mardilaulud (March songs)
- Kadrilaulud (Songs for St Catherine's Day)
- Vastlalaulud (Songs for Shrove Tuesday, selection)
- Kiigelaulud (Swing songs, selection)
- Jaanilaulud (Songs for St John's festival, selection)


Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Tõnu Kaljuste conductor

Beauty and contemplation in rich Estonian choral tradition

It was a historic, liberating moment when, after two years of coronavirus lockdowns, the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and conductor Tõnu Kaljuste filled the Muziekgebouw with their crystal-clear, almost otherworldly tonal beauty at the Pärt Festival. Rarely has Pärt’s music sounded so impressive and has it been such necessary nourishment for the heart and soul. A real treat from the rich Baltic choral world.

This time, the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir performs two of Pärt’s great Estonian predecessors: Cyrillus Kreek and Veljo Tormis. Scenes from nature are on the programme, rural life, peasant life, but also contemplation and higher powers, as is common in songs for religious festivals and the seasons. These two composers are proof of the richness of the Estonian choral tradition.

Programme booklet (Dutch)