Tempo (7+)

Oorkaan Ensemble
Sun 7 Apr 2024 13:30 - 14:20
Sun 7 Apr 2024
13:30 - 14:20
  • Sun 7 Apr 2024
    13:30 - 14:20
    Excl. drankje
    Grote Zaal


A new composition by Martijn Padding and music by Maurice Ravel, Antonio Vivaldi, Ludwig van Beethoven and others


Oorkaan Ensemble:
Michele Mazzini clarinet, bass clarinet
Michela Zanoni harp
Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe bajan
Veysel Dzhesur percussion
Valentine Blangé violin (guest musician)
Rianne Meboer direction
Caecilia Thunnissen artistic direction

Playing with the sense of time

In music, nothing is more important than the tempo. The beat determines how you experience time. And time seems to be never-ending when you are young and feeling bored. But time disappears like snow in the sun when you are pulled into a special experience. As in Tempo, a performance for a young audience. The members of Oorkaan Ensemble play with your sense of time like true magicians.

When the members of Oorkaan Ensemble are on stage, they are like cogs in a clockwork mechanism. Classical music by Vivaldi and Ravel is played together with music by Martijn Padding, written especially for this performance. In one second, the musicians can put enough music for a whole minute – and vice versa.