Ensemble Constantinople

The musical journeys of Marco Polo

En Chordais, Ensemble Constantinople + Kyriakos Kalaitzidis
Sun 1 Dec 2024 20:15 - 22:00
Sun 1 Dec 2024
20:15 - 22:00
  • Sun 1 Dec 2024
    20:15 - 22:00
    Grote Zaal


Music from China, Persia, Mongolia and other countries


Lingling Yu pipa (China)
Marco Rosa Salva recorder (Italy)
Kiya Tabassian setar, vocals (Iran)
Didem Başar kanun (Turkey)
Dalaijargal Daansuren morin khuur, vocals (Mongolia)
Hamin Honari tombak, adjun (Iran)
Mathilde Gomas viola da gamba (France)
Kyriakos Petras violin (Greece)
Kyriakos Kalaitzidis ud, vocals (Greece)
Nikos Andrikos vocals (Greece)
Petros Papageorgiou daraboeka, bendir (Greece)
Leonidas Palaskas sound design 

A medieval road movie

Who wouldn’t want to travel with Marco Polo, who left for China in 1271 and didn’t return to Venice until 24 years later? Listen to the music the explorers heard along the Silk Road at that time. A highly cosmopolitan mix: from the Mediterranean and the Middle East to the Far East. The international company, led by oud player Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, is making its Amsterdam debut!

The Canadian ensemble Constantinople and En Chordais, based in Thessaloniki, have made a name for themselves worldwide with their adventurous, cross-cultural approach to music. This truly unique road movie features classical Chinese music, Persian court music, Mongolian melodies, Sufi sounds from the Pamir Mountains, Byzantine melos, and music from Venice. The backgrounds of the musicians are just as colourful.

In collaboration with Ud Festival