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Music that inspires and enriches

Music that integrates influences from different cultures and regions, offering inspiration and enrichment. This can be traditional music as well as contemporary movements from non-Anglo-Saxon countries.

Select your concerts from the season 24-25, now at a discount of up to 35%.


  • Requiem for Justice

    Kayhan Kalhor + Erdal Erzincan
    Fri 20 Sep 2024 20:30

    A meeting between masters of Persian and Turkish music

    Grote Zaal
  • Requiem for Justice

    Simon Shaheen, Layth Sidiq + Tareq Rantisi
    Sat 21 Sep 2024 20:30

    Tribute to Palestinian music

    Grote Zaal
  • The voice of the revolution

    Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest
    Fri 4 Oct 2024 20:15

    A tribute to Umm Kulthum, who embodied hope

    Grote Zaal
  • American Roots

    Nederlands Blazers Ensemble
    Wed 9 Oct 2024 20:15

    The beauty of Native American culture

    Grote Zaal
  • Ahmet Aslan

    Fri 11 Oct 2024 20:15

    Poignant singing and exceptional string playing by Turkish maestro

    Grote Zaal
  • Matinée Marocaine

    Ghassan El Hakim + Farid Ghannam
    Sun 13 Oct 2024 14:00

    Marokkaans festijn met theater en muziek op topniveau
    El Gourd

    Grote Zaal
  • The Qawwali voice

    Faiz Ali Faiz
    Fri 25 Oct 2024 20:30

    Enchanting singing rooted in ancient Sufi rituals

    Grote Zaal
  • Troubadours

    Nesrine, Chieko Donker Duyvis + Nederlandse Blazers Ensemble
    Sat 2 Nov 2024 20:15

    The singing bow

    Grote Zaal

    Chieko Collective
    Tue 5 Nov 2024 20:00

    Improv & South American rhythms


    Marie Spaemann + Christian Bakanic
    Wed 6 Nov 2024 20:00

    Between soul, pop, tango nuevo and European folk


    Kian Soltani + Friends
    Wed 6 Nov 2024 22:00

    Traditional and modern Persian sounds


    Martin Fondse + Pau Sola Masafrets
    Thu 7 Nov 2024 20:00

    Concert with own compositions full of jazz improv and folk influences

  • Flamenco Biënnale: Intermezzo 2024

    Estrella Morente + Rafael Riqueni
    Sun 17 Nov 2024 20:15

    Intimate flamenco poetry by two icons

    Grote Zaal
  • Song of the Reed

    Calefax + Mohammad Motamedi
    Thu 21 Nov 2024 20:15

    Homesickness expressed in Iranian songs and instrumental classical music
    Iraanse traditionals, Debussy, Ellington, Isaac a.o.

    Grote Zaal
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