Nederlands Kamerkoor

Steel Stolen

Nederlands Kamerkoor, HIIIT + Maya Fridman
Wed 8 May 2024 20:15 - 21:30
Wed 8 May 2024
20:15 - 21:30


19.30 / Lecture by Merlijn Twaalfhoven (in Dutch)

20.15 / Main programme
Veljo Tormis Curse upon Iron
Sofia Goebaidoelina Sonnengesang


Nederlands Kamerkoor
Peter Dijkstra conductor
Maya Fridman cello
Laurence Bonvin visuals

A performance about the relationship between man and nature

Steel constituted the bedrock of the Industrial Revolution. Steel made from raw materials that man extracted from the earth. Mined to be used for man’s purposes. Stolen, perhaps. But do we know its true power? Do we have an eye for unforeseen consequences? What if those forces turn against us? Get to know the power of what you mine before you use it, is the message of Veljo Tormis’ intoxicating piece Curse upon Iron

In this concert, the Netherlands Chamber Choir explores the relationship between man and nature, and does so together with cellist Maya Fridman and HIIIT. As humans, we place ourselves outside nature. But aren’t we part of it ourselves? Isn’t our ‘culture’ simply ‘nature’? In addition to Tormis’ work, Sonnengesang by Sofia Goebaidoelina for choir, cello and percussion will be performed. And in between, there will be improvisations by singers from alumni from NKK NXT, the choir’s talent development programme. All this with footage of the Swiss Aletsch glacier in the background, shot especially for this production by Laurence Bonvin from Switzerland.