Cello Octet Amsterdam - Rewire 2024 (photo Alex Heuvink)


Cello Octet Amsterdam + Nick Verstand
Fri 17 May 2024 20:30 - 22:45
Fri 17 May 2024
20:30 - 22:45
  • Fri 17 May 2024
    20:30 - 22:45
    Interval 21:15
    Grote Zaal


19.30 - 20.30 / Entreehal
Sanneke Kleingeld DJ

20:30 – 22:45 / Grote Zaal / concert
Sarah Davachi Graduals (worldpremiere)
Qasim Naqvi Sine 1 & 2
Jesse Broekman We walk by threads of light
Kara-Lis Coverdale Endocrine
Abul Mogard & KMRU Drawing Water on Matching Teal Surfaces Arr. René van Munster
Caterina Barbieri Scratches on the Readable Surface (Cello Octet) Arr. Alistair Sung

± 22:45 - 0:00  / Entreehal
Sanneke Kleingeld DJ


Cello Octet Amsterdam
Nick Verstand scenography, lighting design
Daniel de Bruin hardware design, engineering
Wes Broersen 
motion, software engineer
Pim Swinkels 
electronica engineer
Wout Panis 
creative technical producer
Paul Jeukendrup 
sound design

Subtle teamplay of light, sound, performance and robotics

Eight cello players, encapsulated by eight kinetic pods: for COCON, the Cello Octet and artist Nick Verstand have created a fascinating setting. The shells unfold and modulate in tandem with the music, in a subtle interplay of light, sound, performance and robotics. COCON includes six new compositions commissioned by the octet, including the long-form work Graduals by Sara Davachi.

In COCON, the cello players are held in a state of constant metamorphosis, symbolizing the transitory nature of the human experience. The designer Nick Verstand, created audiovisual art for festivals such as DGTL and ADE, and shows by Doja Cat, Lykke Li, and Eefje de Visser. All composers selected for COCON seek tension between electronic and acoustic music. Following its successful world premiere at the REWIRE festival in early April, now showing in Amsterdam.