Family Vermi-Celli (for kids aged 5 and older)

Chieko Donker Duyvis + Simon Velthuis
Sun 28 Apr 2024 14:00 - 15:00
Sun 28 Apr 2024
14:00 - 15:00
  • Sun 28 Apr 2024
    14:00 - 15:00
    Excl. drankje


Myrthe van der Vuurst de Vries vocals and performance 
Chieko Donker Duyvis and Simon Velthuis cello and performance 
Eric Robillard percussion and performance

Kiki Jaski lyrics and direction  
Jan Groenteman music and lyrics 
Thomas Beijer arrangements
Sanne Oostervink set and costume design
Desiree van Gelderen lighting design


A musical road trip for young and old

Valentina dreams about having a BFF – a best friend forever. Why? Because in her family she’s the oddball, the black sheep or, worse still, ‘different’. Everyone thinks it’d be a great idea to send her off on a journey so that she can learn to behave herself properly. In this journey of hardship, Valentina meets the musical gurus of feeling. With their instruments, they show her every corner of their emotions. If Valentina controls her emotions she will be able to make friends. Right? About the shaky balance between fitting in and being yourself. And how complicated that sometimes is.

In the music theatre performance Family Vermi-Celli, singer/actress Myrthe van der Vuurst de Vries shares the stage with young cellists Chieko Donker Duyvis, Simon Velthuis and percussionist Eric Robillard (Percossa). With new catchy songs by Jan Groenteman and classical cello repertoire.

Family Vermi-Celli has been co-produced by Theater Jaski and the Cello Biennale Amsterdam.