Asko|Schönberg - Reich/Richter (photo Melle Meivogel)


Thu 3 Apr 2025 20:15 - 21:30
Thu 3 Apr 2025
20:15 - 21:30
  • Thu 3 Apr 2025
    20:15 - 21:30
    Grote Zaal


19.15 / Foyerdeck 1 / Pre-concert talk

20.15 / Grote Zaal / Main programme
Steve Reich Clapping Music  
Steve Reich Four Organs 
Steve Reich Reich/Richter


Colin Currie conductor, percussion
Gerhard Richter images
Corinna Belz film
Theun Mosk / Ruimtetijd staging

Music by the founder of minimal music interwoven with explosions of colour

In Reich/Richter, two of the greatest living artists in their respective disciplines join forces: Steve Reich, founder of minimal music and Gerhard Richter, who ranks among the top of the post-war visual artists. The Dutch premiere at the 2023 Minimal Music Festival sold out twice in no time.

Scenographer Theun Mosk designed the extraordinary set within which filmmaker Corinna Belz brings Richter’s paintings to life in moving images. Colour explosions evolve into horizontal stripes and vice versa, through a process of dividing, mirroring and repeating. Reich uses the same technique in his score. Behind the projection, the musicians are sometimes visible and sometimes not. Image and sound intertwine in a unique way. Besides Reich/Richter, two famous 70s classics by Reich will also be performed: Clapping Music and Four Organs.

In collaboration with Unusual Suspects

‘A spectacle of forms, parading through all the colours of the rainbow. The smooth music seemed to encourage the patterns to multiply kaleidoscopically, and could sound intensely red or pale blue, like Richter’s painting brush. Wonderful.’ – het Parool

‘Colour-blind and intoxicated you know: minimal music is a physical experience.’ – de Volkskrant (★★★★☆)

‘The opening concert Reich/Richter by Asko|Schönberg sold out so quickly that an additional performance was scheduled.’ - NRC (★★★★☆)