28 Augustus 2023

Good news for you as a music and culture enthusiast! From 1 September 2023, you can also use your Podiumpas to visit the Muziekgebouw.

Music and culture for less

The Podiumpas (‘venue pass’) gives you unlimited access to concerts and performances for €35 a month. Not only with us, but at over 50 affiliated venues throughout the Netherlands. You can book your tickets from 30 days before the concert. So, for a fixed amount you can enjoy all the great performances offered by the affiliated venues, as often as you like.

The pass is for individual use only, non-transferable, and can be cancelled monthly after 4 months. You can buy the pass online via Podiumpas.nl.

How does it work?
You already have a Podiumpas? We look forward to seeing you! As a pass holder, you can book tickets in the following way:

  • You can book your tickets from 30 days before the concert. At the moment, this can only be done by phone on 020 788 2000 or in person at the Box Office (Box Office opening hours). It is not yet possible to book online with a Podiumpas.
  • The pass is for individual use only and non-transferable. This means that per pass only 1 ticket can be booked. If you want to bring someone along, it is possible to order additional tickets at the normal rate.
  • The Podiumpas can be used for almost all regular concerts in the Muziekgebouw, but there are some exceptions, such as concerts organised by external parties.
  • The following concerts are excluded:
    Wed 1 May  / Grote Zaal Nederlands Blazers Ensemble De Duivelskunstenaar
    Thu 2 May  / Grote Zaal Nederlands Blazers Ensemble De Duivelskunstenaar
    Sat 8 - Thu 27 Jun / Holland Festival (all events)
    Sat 29 jun / Grote Zaal Amsterdam Gay Men's Chorus
  • The Podiumpas can only be used for performances that are not sold out. On our website, you can see the status of the concerts. If you don’t see the Tickets button, and it says ‘sold out’ or ‘waiting list’, there are no more tickets available. Podiumpas bookings made before the concert was sold out, remain valid. However, in that case, make sure you pick up your ticket at least 45 minutes before the concert starts.
  • On the day of the concert, have your Podiumpas scanned at the Box Office to pick up your ticket.
    Have you made a reservation but can’t make it? Please send an e-mail to kassa@muziekgebouw.nl as soon as possible so we can still sell your seat to another music lover.