Corona-proof concert visit

Can I purchase a ticket in the Muziekgebouw?
The box office in the building is closed. You can purchase your tickets online or by phone.

Where can I put my jacket and handbag?
The cloakroom is closed. You can take your coat or jacket and a small bag (max A4 size) into the hall and place them by the empty seats beside you.

I have a cold, can I still come?
Because the symptoms of the common cold are similar to those of the novel coronavirus, we cannot let you in if you or other people in your household have these symptoms. Stay home, take care and reach out to us to exchange your ticket for a voucher, or to request a refund.

Can I sit next to my friends?
Two people can sit on adjacent seats, on condition that you live together.

What if other people do not keep their distance?
Kindly mention this to them, or inform one of the front-of-house staff.

What about the ventilation in the main hall?
The air in the main hall (as in the rest of the building) is not recycled. Air is drawn in from the inlet on the roof, filtered and 'pushed' into the hall. Extracted air goes directly outside the building.

Are visitors with a disability welcome?

Yes. If you need a wheelchair seat, please reach out to our box office. If you require support, we ask you to bring someone you live with.

Do children also have to keep their distance?
People under the age of 18 do not have to keep 1.5 metres distance from each other. Everyone over the age of 18 has to follow the guidelines.

Should I wear a facemask?
Wearing a facemask is only required on public transport. If you feel more comfortable wearing one in the Muziekgebouw, you are of course free to do so.

Can I use the toilets?
The toilets are open to the public, but the capacity has been lowered. To avoid queues, we advise to keep use of the toilets to a minimum.

Will there be an interval?
All concerts take place without intervals.

Does my ticket include a drink?
Some tickets do. If so, this will be mentioned on your ticket. In that case, the drink will be served either before or after the concert.

Can I come for a meal before the concert or drink something afterwards?
4’33 grand cafe is open on concert days. For opening hours, menu and reservations please see 433grandcafe.nl.

Will I get a refund if I cannot make it?
If you develop symptoms that prevent you from using your ticket for a concert, please send an email to kassa@muziekgebouw.nl. We can exchange your ticket for a voucher, or get you a refund.

Save your ticket, enjoy later

Why this ticket scheme?
With "Save your ticket, enjoy later", the cultural sector hopes that ticket buyers will visit their favourite stage or event at a later moment. This helps the cultural sector to absorb the economic impact caused by the coronavirus measures. And assures that we can work on new concerts and events in the future. This not only helps the organizers, musicians and halls, but also all the people behind the scenes who make the concerts possible, such as set builders, technicians, suppliers, creatives and other employees and self-employed people in the cultural sector. If you want to know more about the backgrounds, watch this video of the NOS or this fragment of Radar (videos in Dutch).

How does the ticket scheme work for rescheduled concerts?
If your concert is rescheduled, your ticket(s) will remain valid for the rescheduled concert. If you cannot attend the concert on the replacement date, you will receive your purchase amount in the form of a digital voucher. The voucher is valid until May 1, 2022 and can be freely spent for all concerts at the Muziekgebouw.

I have chosen to keep my ticket for the new concert date, but I do not see any e-tickets in My Agenda of my Muziekgebouw account. Is that correct?
We issue new e-tickets for all moved concerts. At the same time, your old e-tickets are no longer visible in your account. You will receive the new e-tickets by e-mail about a month before the new concert date. Unfortunately, we cannot add these new e-tickets to your Muziekgebouw account. You will not see them there, even by the time you have already received your tickets by e-mail.

How does the ticket scheme work for cancelled concerts?
If a concert cannot be moved to a new date, the concert has been cancelled permanently. In that case the purchase amount will be refunded in the form of a digital voucher. The voucher is valid until May 1, 2022 and can be freely spent at all concerts at the Muziekgebouw.

For how long will my voucher be valid?
You can use the voucher until 1 May 2022 to buy a ticket for another concert in the Muziekgebouw. This means the voucher can be used for any concerts in the 20/21 season, 21/22 season and/or the 22/23 season. If you have not used your voucher (fully) and the term has expired, you will refunded for the full amount of your voucher (or the remainder).

How can I redeem my voucher?
Unfortunately, at the moment the voucher can only be processed by one of our cashiers as payment method. This means that you can use the voucher as a means of payment by email, telephone or at the counter. We are working hard to enable the possibility for an online purchase with a digital voucher. As soon as that has been realized, you can read it here.

Can I make a donation?
Yes please! You can indicate on the ticket processing form that you wish to donate the purchase amount. The money from your donation will benefit the entire supply chain, but first and foremost the musicians and ensembles.

Can I also get a refund immediately?
If you cannot use your voucher, you have the right to request a refund. When the money is refunded depends on whether it is a rescheduled or cancelled concert.

• If a concert is moved, a refund will be made no later than one month after the new date of the rescheduled concert.
• In case of cancellation, this period is 3 months after the original date on which the concert would have taken place. However, this ticket scheme has been set up with a purpose: cultural institutions can go under if everyone reclaims their money. That is also why the Dutch government supports this scheme.

My concert partner does not want to donate, but I do. Can part of the purchase amount be refunded?
Administratively, the ticket scheme is quite laborious. To keep the administrative processing of all cancelled concerts workable, there is only one option (voucher, refund or donation) per concert for all your tickets.

Can I declare my donation as a gift to the tax authorities?
Yes, that's possible. You can ask the box office for a written confirmation of your donation; we will send this by e-mail later this year.

Why haven't I heard about the concert for which I have tickets?
We cannot write to everyone at the same time, given the large numbers of concerts and ticket buyers. That is why we inform ticket buyers per concert. In the case of a rescheduled concert, we can only inform ticket buyers when a new date has been confirmed; sometimes this may take a while.


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