Concert visit

Updated 30 March 2022

All concerts in the Muziekgebouw are organised without corona measures as of March 2022. Social distancing, face masks and Covid Certificates are no longer mandatory and you can take a seat directly next to fellow visitors in the concert hall. We do ask all visitors to be mindful of each other to ensure that everybody has a pleasant visit. This is in accordance with the latest government guidelines.

Why can't I select a specific seat online when buying my tickets?
We are selling the majority of our tickets for season 21-22 without seat selection, in contrast to what you might be used to from us. We've chosen to do this because the corona measures are still subject to change. By not assiging specific seats, it is easier to adapt the hall plan if necessary due to corona measures. Good to know: once we're selling tickets without seat selection for certain concerts, we cannot revert that decision due to technical reasons. Seat selection is available again for most concerts in the upcoming season 22-23.

Can I choose my seats in the hall or on the balcony?
For most of the concerts up to Summer 2022, you can choose your own seat upon entry to the hall. For most concerts from September 2022 onwards, your chosen seats will be specified on your (e-)ticket.

Can I purchase a ticket in the Muziekgebouw?
Yes, you can. Please check our Box Office desk opening times

What about the ventilation in the main hall?
The air in the main hall (as in the rest of the building) is not recycled. Air is drawn in through the inlet on the roof, filtered and 'pushed' into the hall. The extracted air goes directly outside the building.

Are visitors with a disability welcome?

Yes. If you need a wheelchair seat, please reach out to our box office. If you require support, we ask you to bring someone you live with.

Where can I leave my coat and bag?
The cloakroom is open and remains attended throughout the concert. You can leave your personal belongings here, free of charge, and retrieve them up to 45 mins after the concert.

Is the restaurant open?
4’33 grand cafe is generally open when there are concerts in the Muziekgebouw. For the opening hours, menu and reservations, see 433grandcafe.nl.

Will I get a refund if I cannot make it?
If you develop coronalike symptoms or test positive, please send an email to kassa@muziekgebouw.nl, no later than the day of the concert. We can exchange your ticket for a voucher, or get you a refund. We cannot offer refunds if we are notified after the concert has already taken place.


How long will my voucher be valid?
You can use the voucher until 1 May 2022 to buy a ticket for another concert in the Muziekgebouw. This means the voucher can be used for any concerts in the 20/21 season, 21/22 season and/or the 22/23 season. If you have not used your voucher (fully) and the term has expired, you will be refunded for the remaining value of your voucher.

How can I redeem my voucher?
You can use the voucher when purchasing tickets at the Box Office counter, via phone, or with an online order. The vouchers will have been emailed to you from the address e-ticket[at]muziekgebouw.nl. When you're ready to pay for your online order, choose 'voucher' as your payment method and enter the 26-digit code that can be found on your voucher (without spaces). If your voucher only covers part of your payment, you can choose a second payment method for the remaining amount.