Alva Noto (photo Carsten Nicolai)

Xerrox Vol. 4

Alva Noto + Ensemble Modern
Wed 13 Nov 2024 20:15 - 22:00
Wed 13 Nov 2024
20:15 - 22:00
  • Wed 13 Nov 2024
    20:15 - 22:00
    Grote Zaal


Alva Noto Xerrox Vol. 4 (Ensemble Modern Version)


Ensemble Modern
Alva Noto electronics

Simon Mayer video
Matthias Rieker light design 
Norbert Ommer sound design

Digital and acoustic worlds merge in audiovisual experience

Nicolai, one of the most influential figures in the electronic music scene under his alias Alva Noto, is praised for his concise music based on digital technology. Ensemble Modern presents a sweeping instrumental rendition of Xerrox Vol. 4, an album that Nicolai himself considers to be one of his most emotionally resonant works. Sound, image and light create an immersive experience in this second collaboration between the composer and the out-of-the-box ensemble.

Alva Noto’s series Xerrox is based on the endless reproduction and manipulation of digital source material. A departure from his earlier focus on abstraction, Nicolai’s music now embraces melody, a change that can be traced back to his collaboration with Japanese synth-pop legend Ryuichi Sakamoto. Nicolai and Sakamoto collaborated with Ensemble Modern on their project utp_ (2007). Ensemble Modern is a contemporary music ensemble that is known for its pioneering works with classical instruments.