Score Collective (photo Jaap Kroon)

Inspired by Bruckner 00

Score Collective
Sun 15 Sep 2024 10:30 - 11:15
Sun 15 Sep 2024
10:30 - 11:15
  • Sun 15 Sep 2024
    10:30 - 11:15
    Grote Zaal


Noura Hodhodi, Mehmet İlhan Gazioğlu, Jurgis Kubilius, Björn Pinxter (Composition students Conservatory of Amsterdam) Four new works (world premieres) after Study Symphony in F minor by Anton Bruckner


Score Collective
César Ramos Hernández

The symphony of the future by four conservatory students


Four students of the conservatory of Amsterdam are composing a new piece of music inspired by Bruckner’s Study Symphony. This four-movement symphony, like Bruckner’s other works, is a treasure trove of ideas and motifs for composers to draw from. A special Score Collective, expanded for Bruckner Casco, allows the young composers to use a wider range of instruments in their pieces. Exciting new music from the latest crop of composers. Could they be the Bruckners of the future?

In addition to his Symphony No. 0 and the symphonies numbered one to nine, Anton Bruckner wrote another symphony. He composed this so-called Study Symphony in F minor, also called Symphony No. 00, in 1863. It was Bruckner’s final work as a composition student of Otto Kitzler. It is not a ‘youth symphony’. Bruckner was 39 when he composed it, yet the work has all the characteristics of a study. Nevertheless, it also contains hints of the Bruckner that would emerge in his later works. This is a golden opportunity for the conservatory students to seize.