Pierre-Laurent Aimard (photo Julia Wesely)


A musical universe in 88 keys

The piano: 88 keys that house an entire musical universe. After all, who hasn’t written for it? A whole alphabet: from Beethoven, Brahms and Bartók to Schubert, Scarlatti and Shostakovich. Discover new works or enjoy great classics. The most interesting pianists of our time invite you on a journey through this ever-expanding, multi-coloured universe of sounds.

  • Romantic fantasies

    Alexander Malofeev
    Sat 28 Sep 2024 20:15

    Young piano phenomenon plays Russian and German classics
    Schubert, Brahms, Rachmaninov, Skrjabin

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  • Lubimov 80!

    Lubimov, Melnikov, Pashchenko, Shelepov + Poprugin
    Tue 29 Oct 2024 20:15

    Verjaardagsconcert voor een legendarisch Russisch pianist
    Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Satie, Glinka, Debussy, Silvestrov

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  • Schoenberg's laboratory

    Pierre-Laurent Aimard
    Fri 15 Nov 2024 20:15

    Unique journey through musical innovations on the piano
    Schoenberg, Skrjabin, Brahms, Schumann, Stravinsky

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  • Composing virtuoso pianists

    Yeol Eum Son
    Thu 19 Dec 2024 20:15

    Surprising music by acclaimed virtuoso pianists
    Paderewski, Larrocha, Weissenberg, Gulda, Wild, Rachmaninov

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  • Visions for two pianos

    Pavel Kolesnikov + Samson Tsoy
    Wed 8 Jan 2025 20:15

    Profound piano music composed by Messiaen, Kurtág and Bach
    Messiaen, Kurtág, Bach

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  • Mondschein

    Alice Sara Ott
    Sat 15 Feb 2025 20:15

    Beethoven and Field’s nocturnal melancholies
    Field, Beethoven

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  • Ravel 150

    Julien Libeer
    Fri 7 Mar 2025 20:15

    The ravishing beauty of Ravel’s piano oeuvre in perspective
    Ravel, Couperin, Gershwin, Crumb

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  • Sonata Marathon I

    Tamara Stefanovich
    Sat 5 Apr 2025 17:00

    Groundbreaking piano music from the 20th century and early Baroque
    Bach, Soler, Busoni, Scarlatti, Ives

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  • Sonata Marathon II

    Tamara Stefanovich
    Sat 5 Apr 2025 19:00

    Groundbreaking piano music from the 20th century and early Baroque
    Scarlatti, Bartók, Eisler, Soler, Hindemith

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  • Sonata Marathon III

    Tamara Stefanovich
    Sat 5 Apr 2025 21:00

    Groundbreaking piano music from the 20th century and early Baroque
    Soler, Skrjabin, Scarlatti, Sjostakovitsj, Janáček, Oestvolskaja

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  • Sonata

    Paul Lewis
    Fri 9 May 2025 20:15

    Pianistic imagination: from Beethoven to Larcher
    Beethoven, Larcher, Brahms, Schubert

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